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Sell shock absorber for Mitsubishi series

Sell shock absorber for Mitsubishi series
Product Detailed
We can supply shock absorbers for Mitsubishi series. OEM NO. or KYB NO are welcomed. Or please tell us your car brand and year.

Shock Absorber Suitable for Mitsubishi Series


Da1a(1.6L), Da4a(1.9TD)


A72, A73,A78,1200(A72),1600(A73),2000(A78)

Colt gallant

A 51V, 52V, 53V, 54V

4. Colt/Mirage/Lancer fiore

   A152Turbo, A155, A158


C10/11/12/13/14/15A, C12V, C14V, C51A, C52A, C54A, C61A, C62,

C64A, C65A, C51V, C53A, C58A, C62A, C63A, C68A, C5#A, C6#A


A210(ECI), A212,A213, A215/A217(4WD)


T100,T120 Series ALL(Truck, Van), T100V, T120V, T121 Series ALL(Truck, Van), LO 31P, LO 32P, LO 34P, LO 33P(Wagon), LO 31PUE, LO 36P, LO 36P V,

LO 33PV, W, LO 35PW, 63P, LO 38P, V, 36PV, 68P, LO 63P, LO35GV, 37GV, 38GW, LO 37GV, LO 38GW,LO 38GV


Saloon(4 doors) 1200(A75), 1400(A72), 1600(A73), 2000(A70,71), A71, A72,

A73, A75, A71V, A72V, A75V, A143, A141V, A142V, A148V, A149V, 73A, 144,

A172(1400), 174(1600), A171(1200), A172(1400), A175(1800)incl. Turbo, 1300(CB1), (CB3, CB6, CD7), 1600(CB4), 1800(CB5)Gti without ABS, 1800(CB5)Gti with ABS, 1300(CK1), 1600(CK4)

9. Lancer/Lancer EX

  A 71V(1200Van), A 72V(1400Van), A 42(1400Van), A 75V(1200Van),

A 141V,142V, 148V, 149V(Van)

10. Lancer/Colt/Mirage

   CA#A, CB#A, CC#A, CD#A without ABS, CD#A with ABS, CA4/5A, CB4/5A, CC4/5A, CD4/5A, CJ#A, CK#A, CM#A, ALL(raised height)4×2,4×4

11. Lancer Estate/Ribero


12. Galant ST.W.

   (A 112V)1600, (A 123V)1600, 1850, 2000,(A 161V, A 163V)1200,1600,

(A 167V)2600 TD


   A51, 52, 53, 54, 55H, A51V, 52V, 53V(Van), FTO/GTO A55, A61A, A62A, A63A, A11 #Series Except Van, A112V(Van), A12#, A13 Series, A12#V, 13 Series(Van)

14. Galant/Sapporo/Lambda/Sigma

   A131, 133 Series, A160, A121V, A163V(Estate Van), A161(1600), A162(1800),

   A167(2300) (include TAXI)

15. Galant/Maguma/Sigma

   E11~16A, E32A, E33A, E34A, E35A(2WD)

16. Galant

   E5#A, E64A, E75A, E8#A(incl 4WD, 4WS& with ABS)

17. Galant/Legnum

   EA#A/W(2WD) incl. Estate, EC#A/W(4WD) incl. Estate

18. Galant sigma

   E 15(Super Saloon Extra GSR-X Turbo), E 15(Super Exceed), E 15/17(Hardtop Excl. Air Suspension)

19. Galant sigma eternal

   E 15(Super Saloon Extra, GSR-X Turbo), E 15(Super Saloon), E 12, 13 ,14,

   E 15(Super Exceed), E 15/17(Hardtop Excl. Air Suspension)

20. Magna

   tr, ts 4 cyl.&V6, Sedan, TE,TF 4 cyl., Sedan, S/Wagon, TH V6

21. Eclipse/Eagle TAON

   D20A, D21A, D22A(2WD), D27A(4WD), D27A(4WD), D30A(2WD), D30A(4WD)

22. Eclipse/Dodge AVENGER


23. Santamo

   2WD, 4WD

24. Space Wagon(Van)/Expo/Chariot

   N31W, N33W, N34W, N35W, N38W(2WD), N41W, N43W, N48W(4WD)

25.Space Runner(RVR)

   N11W, N13W, N18W(2WD), N21W, N23W, N28W(4WD)

26. Starion

   A182(Rear; Rigid Axle)

27. Pajero

   LO41G, GV(DX,DX-L)LO43G, GV-(DX, DX-L Incl. Turbo), GW(XT, Incl. Turbo) LO43GW(GL. XL Incl. Turbo)-LO46GW(XL Long Turbo), V44W NDF

   LO48GW(GL,XL Long Turbo), LO48GV(DX Long Turbo), 48GW(GL, XL.Long

   Option), LO44GV, LO49GV, V14V ALL, V23C NDE, V24C NDF, ALL V24V, V46V, V34V STD Sheet, V24W W/O Power window, V26W W/O Power window, V46W W/O Power window

28. Pajero/Shogun/Montero

   LO41G, LO42G, LO43G, LO44G, LO46G, LO47G, LO48G, LO49G, L141G, L144G, L144G, L146G, L149G, V1#V/W, V3#V/W, V2#C/W, V4#W

29. Pick up/Panel Van

   L300 LDV(Excl. Minibus

30. Jeep

   J20, J22, J24, J25, J26, J30, J32, J35, J36, J38, J44, J46, J54, J57, J58, J59

   J52, J53, J55, J56, J27, J37, J47

31. Minibus/MPV

L300 Panel/Van&incl. StarWagon Excl. LDV

32. L200 2WD

   (K 11T, K 12T, K 14T)1600, 2000, 2500 D

33. L200 4WD

   (K 22T, K 24T, K 32T, K 33T, K 34T)2000

34. L200/Forte

   LO21P, LO22P, K11T, K12T, K14T(2WD)

35. L300 2WD

   (LO32P)1600 Mini Bus, (LO39P)2500 D Pick up

36. L300/Delica

   T100, 100V, T120, 120V, T120, LO31P, LO32P, LO38P, LO68P(2WD Van/Truck)

   LO31Pue(2WD Truck), LO32P, LO38P(2WD Mini Bus), L35G

 LO37G(4WDMin Bus/Van), Chassis Cab 1600(4×2),LO32P, 2300 D(4×2)

 LO38P, PO#W/V, P1#W/V, PO#V, P1#V(2WD Van Except Flat Low), LO36P

 LO39P, LO63P, LO69P, LO39G(4WD Truck)



38. Rosa

   BE4, B10, 20, 21, 22, B12, 13, 14, 15, 16, B32, 24, B200 Series, B360


39. Bus

   BK215(Micn Bus)


  FB, FE, T720, 722, NB720(Micro Bus), T90, 91, 96, 97, 200, 204, 205, 206, 207

  T92, 93, 98, T215, T217, T210, T94, 95, 210, 215, 216, 217, 220, FE111, 131, FE211, 231, FE111(BZ, BZ-1, BZB, E, EZ, EZC, EW, EZCW), FE114(BZ, E, EZ, EZC, EW, EZCW), FE134, FE214, 234, FE311, 334, 337, 355, FE335, FE431, 434, 435, 437, 444, 445, FE447, 465, 467, T92, 93, 98, 200(Except CH, CD, CD8, CN,CTN,CPN, CN2), T2115, 217(Except CH, CD, CN), T210, T93, T92, T210F,

  FC212, FE111, FE221, FE425

41. Jupiter

   T10, T30, 31, 32, 33, 40, 41, 42, 44

42. Truck

   FM, FM557, T620, T720, T44, T620, T62, 63, 65 Series, T33, 80, 90 Series

   T95J, T95JC(Except T331, T800J), FK102, 103, 115, FH215, FM, T650, FP413,

   FN428, FP415, 418, FV413

43. Verada

   KR, KS V6(excl. adj. susp.), Sedan, KE, KF V6, S/Wagon, KH V6, S/Wagon, KJ


Sell shock absorber for Mitsubishi series

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